annaleena home 1

I came across this beautiful website from Annaleena (already love her name). It is a beautiful website filled with inspiring images and content. The other day she revealed images of her new house and needless to say: they are amazing! At the moment she has only shown two images as the rest of the house … Continue reading A BEAUTIFUL HOME



copper kitchen lights

The copper trend has hit the streets in design and interior since last year. From light fixtures to culinary equipment to interior accessories. Copper accents that add earth-toned or dark-toned colors to interior design, furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures are a way to design a winning combination and fantastic interior design and decorating. anthropologie … Continue reading SIMPLE WAYS TO DECORATE WITH COPPER

About Me!

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! I am Annelien, born in the Netherlands, living in Cape Town, South Africa, for the past 14 years. Because of my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, fitness, interiors, decorating, and the little things in life; I created this website. Here, I will share my ideas, inspirations and … Continue reading About Me!