Hi There, It has been way too long. Sometimes I don't know where the weeks, months go but I have decided that it is not an excuse to not blog. It is "interesting" though that when you get soaked up in work and/or life, the things that give you the most pleasure are the first … Continue reading CLOSET INSPIRATION



decor trends 2016

With 2016 here there is no better way to hit off the new year with some redecorating in your house. I am always busy adding / removing / moving things in our house. I already have some things in mind that I like to tackle;  like new wallpaper in the laundry-mate and redecorating our outside patio. … Continue reading DECOR TRENDS 2016 – TO HELP YOU REDECORATE

White, White and more White

Ok so most people that know me know that I love white interiors. It is not that difficult because our whole house is mainly white. What I find interesting is that people indicate white interiors with it not being cosy. I find the opposite. Sure you do have to dress it up with flowers, candles … Continue reading White, White and more White