5 best desks for small spaces

ferm living workspace

Nothing is better than having a proper desk at home and even better if it also looks awesome. My desk at home becomes very easy my storage space for books, magazines, notes, slips and I then slowly move to the table in the lounge where the same happens. The key to a nice and clean … Continue reading 5 best desks for small spaces


Black is the new Black

Black is the new Black! Black is everywhere and the outfits are hotter than ever. From jackets, leggings to your nail-polish. I personally love the whole black leather vibe. Black works with everything and you can either dress black up, dress down, add a hint of colour or a hint of gold. What also works … Continue reading Black is the new Black

White, White and more White

Ok so most people that know me know that I love white interiors. It is not that difficult because our whole house is mainly white. What I find interesting is that people indicate white interiors with it not being cosy. I find the opposite. Sure you do have to dress it up with flowers, candles … Continue reading White, White and more White