Without a doubt, the Scandinavian-inspired interiors look is very much here to stay. South Africa and specifically Cape Town, too has felt increasingly drawn to the clean, serene air of Scandinavian spaces. Characterised by a minimalist aesthetic, simple adornment, natural textures, and subtly feminine inflections, these interiors are invariably a breath of fresh air.

If you simply cannot live for one more second with that old, sagging sofa or those tattered, sun-faded curtains or that boring old fashioned floor; it’s time to redecorate! The potential that comes with a home redecoration project can be exciting, but also difficult when it comes to logistics and making the right decisions. While some homeowners have inspired ideas when it comes to design, they might not have the means or skills to put it all together and make it happen. This is where I will come into play, this is when it’s time to hire an interior decorator. If you would like help in making your home feel like a home, please email me or give me a call on 082 5353 602. I would love to hear from you.