summer mood

image by birthday wishes

As 2016 has hit us and we are back at work we need to make sure that we still enjoy the summer. It is so easy to forget when you leave early for work and get back home in the evenings.

Luckily summer is still here and will still stay for a little while.
I have listed a couple of things that I like to lift my summer mood (or generally just lift your mood):


There is no better way to feel in the summer mood when you look at your self in the mirror and you have a nice tan. All your dresses, skirts, tops and even shoes look better when you have a tan. As I personally don’t tan that easily I always combine it with self-tan. It is the perfect way to still have that summer glow, without actually sitting countless hours in the sun, which you obviously don’t have time for because you are back at work.

image by: my tanning tips 


Eat & Drink

Eat summerly things like salads, tapas, sushi, fresh fruits and combine it with an ice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a cocktail. Summer foods are colourful and immediately will lift your mood.

image by: playbuzz 

summer foods

Play Music and Dance

Music ALWAYS brings you in a good mood; well it brings me always in a good mood. Play those summer tunes and dance to it. Nothing is better to dance in the house by yourself and while you at it just let the vacuum cleaner be part of it, so you actual feel you are doing something useful as well ;-).

image by: crene photography 

dance on the beach

Go on Holiday

When you just can’t get into the summer mood there is only one thing you can do: Go on Holiday! May it be a weekend away or on a proper holiday. My partner and I decided to not take much leave during the December holiday so we are taking a proper break in February. Yay Bali here we come! And obviously I will post amazing pictures from there to ensure you enjoy it with us!

image by: elite daily 

summer time

What do you do to stay in the summer mood?


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