One of my idols when it comes to eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is Rens Kroes. The day my sister from Holland came to visit me and gave me her cooking book as a present is than also one day that I still remember.

Even though she is the sister of the well-known super model Doutzen Kroes, Rens is besides being beautiful as well, down to earth and easy-to-like. On her blog you will find anything about food and being active, the tastiest powerfood recipes and many more tips on how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

rens kroes

What I like about it is that the recipes are easy to prepare and taste delicious! Just perfect for me! Also what I like about it is that it not only focusses on “superfoods” but rather on “powerfoods”.

Her keyword is balance. She believes that a combination of healthy eating, sufficient exercise and relaxation forms the foundation of a healthy and happy life. Nutrition plays a big role in this. They are big proponents of unprocessed, whole foods, or as she likes to call them: powerfood.  The recipes in her nutritional plans are based exclusively on whole foods and are 100% nutritious, green, gluten-free whenever possible and are also free of cow’s milk. Simply put, she focusses on straightforward, pure, nutritious, unprocessed and delicious food that your body will thank you for eating!

One of my latest favourites on her blog is the “happy cleansing” post and I am actually quite excited to try it out.

She has also written two cooking books so far and her “Powerfood from Friesland to New York” is her latest edition.

Rens Kroes Powerfood 2 from Friesland to New York

The only down fall is that both books aren’t translated in English yet but stay tuned here as I will definitely share some of her recipes soon.

x Annelien


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