copper kitchen lights

The copper trend has hit the streets in design and interior since last year. From light fixtures to culinary equipment to interior accessories.

Copper accents that add earth-toned or dark-toned colors to interior design, furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures are a way to design a winning combination and fantastic interior design and decorating.

copper cutlery set

Who does not want to eat from copper cutlery? Well I don’t, but it will look stunning as a decor piece on a table or in your kitchen.

copper vase

Very simple copper pot plants to make any boring plant make suddenly look amazing.

copper bedroom ideas

Showing a way that you can also take the copper look to the next level.

copper kitchen lights

These copper lights I find absolutely stunning and could be hang in my house any day.

copper accessories
weekday carnival

Copper stationary accessories are a perfect way to subtle incorporate copper in your design but don’t want to overdo it.

copper clothing rail

and my absolute favourite; a copper clothing rail. So simply yet so stylish!

copper tab

and then last but not least; who does not want a copper tab in their kitchen??!!

How far would you go with implementing copper in your interior?

x Annelien


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